The Goods

The Truck Toyz Performance Webstore is your ultimate destination for the highest quality suspension systems and related accessories available. Our commitment to excellence dictates that our suspension system be Made in America and backed by the Best Warranties in the industry.

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The Trucks

The Truck Toyz Performance Gallery contains the largest collection of lifted trucks on the internet. In the Truck Toyz Installs section you will find a vast array of examples of our work. In the Customer Installs section you will find a wide variety of trucks built by our customers and fans worldwide. And finally there is the Why File where you will find some of the strangest, scariest and funniest truck related items we have run across along the way.

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The Buzz

With 30 years of experience Truck Toyz Performance is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on pickup truck performance suspension in the industry. But don’t just take our word for it. In this section you may read a sampling of Accolades offered by influential members of our industry, as well as a list of some of our noteworthy Accomplishments.

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The Passion

Truck Toyz Performance is a reflection of a lifelong obsession with trucks. This protracted journey has taken us in a number of directions within the industry. This section will provide you with a brief timeline for how this all came to be and what makes us truly different than the typical truck accessory shop.

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The Reason

The Staff at Truck Toyz Performance is dedicated to a core principal of offering only the highest quality and performing products available. But, the primary reason for purchasing these products from us transcends physical attributes. The elusive value is in our experience and expertise. In this section you can read why.

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